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3 Confidence Building Strategies for
Who crave balance between their career AND home life
(Trust me, you don't want to go through another draining week without implementing these strategies.)
During this FREE web class we're diving into... 
3 shifts that will bring you more confidence, clarity and balance as a working mom. 
By the end of the class, you will know...

  • How to ensure your work AND your family get your best, even with a demanding job. 
  • How to end working mom guilt and put energy back into your day.
  • The #1 mindset shift that needs to take place in order to open up the possibility for a job change. 
  • How to rekindle an excitement for life and work even if you feel completely stuck.
  • How to leverage the time you have with your kids, so you never feel you're missing out.
  • How to become a confident decision maker so that you stop worrying if you are doing enough. 

Presented by 
Rebecca Olson

Certified Professional Life Coach
Rebecca is a life coach for working moms and founder of the coaching program, Aligning Motherhood. Through a unique combination of mindset, behavioral and researched techniques, she coaches working moms in aligning their work and home life so they regain their confidence and begin living life on their terms. 
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